Requesting pies from 'The British Pie Guy'

Traditional British pie recipes prepared and cooked by Marcus Sprenkel to order for his friends only and who are also members of 'The British Pie Guy' Closed Facebook Group.


In joining this Facebook Group, you will be considered a 'Friend'. You MUST be a registered member of this Facebook Group to make a request to 'The British Pie Guy'.


As this is not a commercial enterprise, only a few pies are made each day, so there might be a waiting list.

A full list of ingredients is available on request. Should you have any queries around Allergens or Food Intolerances please make contact prior to making your request.

In requesting any pies, you understand that you are aware of any related Allergens or Food Intolerances associated with any products supplied.

You will be donating (shown in $) to the cost of the ingredients used, as shown HERE and also on our Facebook page. 'The British Pie Guy' considers all monies received as a donation, rather than as a transaction for goods and/or services. Request your pies using our dedicated Webpage HERE

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