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100c Roasted Spatchcock Chicken, Beetroot Coleslaw, Garlic Butter Sweetcorn and White Wine Gravy

100c Roasted Spatchcock Chicken

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Prep Time: 10 Mins

Cooking Time: 3½ Hours (Total)

Serves 4


  • Whole Fresh Chicken

  • ½ x Onion (Optional)

  • ½ x Lemon (Optional)

  • Garlic Butter (Optional)

  • Whole Sweetcorn

  • Coleslaw

  • Salt & Ground Black Pepper

  • Chicken Stock

  • Gravy Mix

  • Worcestershire Sauce

  • White WIne

  • Balsamic Vinegar




New Potatoes (to serve)


Freshly Chopped Parsley

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  • Kitchen Scissors (Strong & Robust)

  • Oven & Hob

  • Presentation Board or Large Plate

  • Roasting Tin (Large enough to fit the Spatchcock Chicken)

  • Aluminium Foil

  • Kebab Skewers (or similar)

  • Saucepan (to make the gravy)

  • Meat Temperature Probe (optional)

  • Kitchen Steel or Large Fork



  • Shop Bought Garlic Butter

  • Pre Packed Coleslaw

  • Chicken Stock Cubes or Pots

  • Gravy Granules 


"The main cheat in this dish is really in relation to the White Wine Gravy. This recipe uses Gravy Granules as the base and then enhances it with additional ingredients to create a stunning White Wine Chicken Gravy. Very few people will be able to taste the difference. Coating the entire Chicken with shop bought Garlic Butter saves time but you can of course make your own. I suppose that you could include the fact that the Chicken is roasted at 100c as a cheat. This is not a Typo you really do roast at 100c. The result is a perfectly succulent moist Chicken and it has crispy skin if you follow my METHOD below. Who makes their own Coleslaw these days? I find that adding some Fresh Beetroot Coleslaw to Regular Coleslaw gives you something a bit different which you cannot find in the supermarkets." - MR HANS


So then... Are there risks of undercooked Chicken with this recipe when roasting at 100c? The simple answer is... No, as roasting for 3½ hrs* ensures it is thoroughly cooked through. More often than not this is the only way I roast Chicken nowadays. I have tested it on all sizes of bird from Small to Extra Large* (whether Spatchcocked or not)


*It is recommended to always use a Meat Temperature Probe (in both the Breast and the Legs) at the end of the entire cooking time to ensure that the Roasted Chicken is over 75c (This is the minimum required temperature and  'SAFE FOR CONSUMPTION' recommendation in the UK ).


The choice to Spatchcock or not is up to you. I never use Skewers until after the roasting process and only for presentation on a Large Board. (That's another little cheat really!). Finally, I hope you find my way of preparing Whole Sweetcorn simple & easy and of course tasty !


  • Spread some of the Garlic Butter all over each Whole Sweetcorn and add a grind of Black Pepper

  • Wrap and seal each Whole Sweetcorn in Aluminium Foil and put to one side


  • In a saucepan, prepare a base for the Gravy following the instructions on the jar of Gravy Granules, but using half White Wine and half Boiling Water as the liquid

  • Add a good splash of Worcestershire Sauce and 1 x Tbsp of Balsamic Vinegar

  • Add 1 x Stock Pot or 1 x Stock Cube

  • Bring to the boil and simmer on a low heat for around 5 minutes to cook off the alcohol

  • Put to one side for later


  • Remove the Chicken from the fridge, remove any string from the Chicken and leave to one side for around 20 minutes while you preheat the Oven to 100c

  • Spatchcock the Chicken (See YouTube video)

  • Coat the entire Chicken with Garlic Butter and sprinkle some Freshly Chopped Parsley all over

  • Season the entire Chicken with Salt and Pepper (including inside the cavity if the Chicken is still whole)

  • If the Chicken is still whole, place ½ an Onion and ½ a Lemon inside the cavity

  • Roast in the Oven (uncovered) for 3 hours at 100c

  • After 3 hours, leaving the Chicken in the Oven, turn the Temperature of the Oven up to 220c or 200c Fan

  • Put the foil wrapped Whole Sweetcorn into the Oven

  • Roast for a further ½ hour to crisp up the Chicken Skin and to cook the Whole Sweetcorn

  • Remove the Chicken and Whole Sweetcorn from the Oven* (and check that the temperature of the bird is over 75c)

  • Insert a Kitchen Steel / Large fork (or similar) into the cavity of the Chicken and carefully tilt the bird so that any juices drain out from the cavity into the roasting tin. Then remove the Onion and Lemon from the cavity and discard

  • Add all of the Chicken juices from the Roasting Tin into the saucepan of Gravy.

  • Bring the Gravy to the boil and simmer & whisk/stir for around 2 minutes (this will incorporate the Chicken juices back into the Gravy)

  • Season the Gravy to taste

  • Remove the foil from the Whole Sweetcorn

  • Mix your required amount of Coleslaw in a serving dish

You are now ready to serve

NOTE:- The Chicken can be served immediately, it does not require any more resting

(Optional) If you have Spatchcocked the Chicken, you can insert the Kebab Skewers and present the dish on a Large Plate or Presentation Board garnished with more Freshly Chopped Parsley


Conventional Oven 100c

Then 220c or 200c  Fan

Serve the Roast Chicken with Buttered Baby New Potatoes, the Whole Sweetcorn, the Coleslaw and the White Wine Chicken Gravy on the side



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