Who is MR HANS ?



Hans Sprenkel is a Food Consultant and fresh family food & ingredients expert with over 35 years experience in both Food Retail and Hospitality sectors.

His passion for great tasting, freshly prepared family food goes back a long way, learning to cook with his Mum (Jean) when he was young and then training as a Butcher, Greengrocer and Fishmonger in the 80s & 90s with 3 large food retailers in the UK & USA.

Hans grew up in a family of 2 brothers along with his Mum and Dad. Both parents always had a strong interest in food & cooking with his Mum attending a Cordon Bleu cookery course in the 1950s and Dad (Willie) travelling all over the world experiencing different food cultures, which he brought back to share with the family in the UK on his return.

Whilst working for the 3 Food Retail businesses between 1983 and 2010, Hans witnessed both the UK and USA food cultures evolve into those now renowned across the world. Since 2010 he has worked in the Hospitality sector developing food & drink menus and recipes for Bars, Pubs & Restaurants across the UK and On-line.

Over the past 15 years he has seen the positive development of products being introduced by manufacturers into UK supermarkets. Hans started to look at ways of using these products to enhance recipes, as well as simple ‘CHEATS’ that speed up preparation and the cooking process. He has chosen some of the best of these to help the home family cook prepare great tasting dishes that focus on ‘Fresh Family Food’ being at the heart of the recipes that he develops.

Hans believes that whilst ‘Ready Meals’ may have a place in the home for ‘Time Poor’ families, the past 30 years have seen a decline in children wanting or being supported in learning to cook.


In a recent interview Hans said...

​“Spending time with families teaching them how to cook is one of the most rewarding experiences for me. It encourages creative thinking, whilst experiencing different flavours, cooking processes and food cultures to then pass on to their own children and families. That’s what happened with me and I thank both my parents enormously for that.”



“The Name and Brand of 'MR HANS' evolved from recent visits to the Middle East, when I was on a 'Busman’s Holiday' to experience Middle Eastern food culture.  I witnessed one of the most passionate and motivated teams I have ever experienced; at Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Resort & Spa. Every colleague worked hard, at every opportunity, to exceed guest expectations in everything they did. While getting involved and sharing my food and recipe experiences, I began to be known as (and referred to as) ‘MR HANS’.


I was privileged to visit Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Resort & Spa another 3 times in 2018/2019 and on each occasion the name 'MR HANS' was embedded further by many of the resort colleagues as I got to know them better, all spurred on by the General Manager Helen. You can read a short segment of my TripAdvisor review HERE


Following my latest visit and after returning to the UK, I decided to utilise the name 'MR HANS' as a Brand and also in the Title of my new business venture, ‘MR HANS - Fresh Family Food’. Producing, developing and writing recipes, many of which have been handed down to me by my parents Jean & Willie.


So that’s 'MR HANS'. I hope you all enjoy cooking some of my dishes and feel free to contact me above if you have any questions or queries about any recipes.”

With best regards - Hans Sprenkel (MR HANS)

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